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What Matters Most, and What If

Personally I have been involved in the fitness industry a greater part of my life. The individuals I find myself friends with, have an even deeper experience level. My partners and I have a combined experience level somewhere in the neighborhood of 100 plus years.  Experience encompassing almost every aspect of the fitness and nutrition industry. With that being said we have been a part of, watched or supported the fitness lifestyle and industry as it grew and evolved. The evolution in training methodology, and supplementation, is nothing short of incredible. The life style and science of fitness has grown to a point that in essence, our concept of what we deem as fit has been altered. All of this combined lead to some very interesting conversations and debates. 

Out of these conversations grew the concept for The Elite Fitness League…or EFL. What if….we could promote a fitness event that would be at its base, CrossFit . Grow it to encompass different aspects of functional fitness. What if we were to incorporate other aspects of performance athletics. A hybrid approach if you will. And open it to all levels of competitors. What if we were to offer a competitive arena that has a belief system at its core, that the very definition of being elite is being better then you were yesterday. That fitness is a journey…a life long endeavor. That the journey…the pursuit should be supported and encouraged. Recognizing the fact that there will always be another mountain to climb, obstacle to overcome, personal record to conquer  and smiling at the fact that there is.

This brings me to what matters most. Realizing this vision! This is not my league…this is our league…your league if you will. I cant tell you we will always get it right, but I can promise we will try. We are dedicated to the vision. As we grow it is our goal to constantly get better. We welcome your feedback and help in doing so. Welcome to our league…your league….welcome to the EFL. 

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